Fathers Day


I love my dad. I am a typical Daddy’s girl. I don’t want to use all the cliché adjectives because my Dad is all that and more, but let me just give a couple of things I love about our father-daughter relationship.

When I was growing up, I loved going to welcome my dad when he came from work. His suit always felt cool on my face as he would sometimes carry me up and put me back down. I would then carry his suitcase to his room. When I went to secondary school, and then the university, I always looked forward to ‘welcome hugs’ when I got back home. I still do today. I have not gotten tired of it. Always comforting and it just simply felt like home.dad_chalkboard_art_sons_hero_daughter_first_love_plaque-r51d39c1d7fd54f6d859fc86e04bb47da_ar56b_8byvr_324

In my teenage years, during the holidays, I began to appreciate conversations with my dad. I especially enjoyed conversations we had on trips and at night when coming back from church. He was just easy to talk to. Till today, I love the fact that I can call my Dad and just talk.

I thank God because my relationship with my Dad has helped me understand how God Fathers us all. God is always there with arms wide open and He is just easy to talk to. He is ready to listen to us. Father’s Day is a day to honour fathers but let us not forget we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and deserves our honour.

So thank you Dad, for the warm hugs and your sage words of advice. I love you!



It’s been a while and it feels great to put up another post. Life has rolled on with lessons and blessings.



This time two years ago, I was at the Corpers’ lodge in Katsina State. I couldn’t go to work because I had a minor accident with a motorcycle. The bike handle caught on to a tricycle on the road and we toppled onto the road. I’m so glad it was not worse. I had a wound from my knee almost to my ankle and a little scratch on my arm. I’m grateful there was no broken bone. The recovery time was painful but God healed me. I was going through my journal some nights ago looking for a birthday I noted, when I stumbled across it. I’m glad that today it’s a testimony and I’m grateful for those who were there for me at that time.

Random Conversation

I had a discussion with a number of people over the past few weeks about the issue of cooking. I posed that it would be nice and appreciated if the husband volunteered to cook a meal for once. He could tell his wife not to bother about preparing a particular meal, that he would cook. Of course all the males I spoke with said that the woman would take it for granted and ask him to cook some other time. I reaffirm that she will not take it for granted. Why not try it first.

Well, everyone knows that typically, women do the cooking. I do not dispute that. There is a feeling of motherliness that comes with cooking a meal for your family. But I know most women agree that there are some times that you are too exhausted to cook or you just don’t feel like cooking. There are times you don’t even know what to cook. Any woman would appreciate her husband cooking a meal voluntarily occasionally.  I am not saying the wife should ask the man to help her prepare dinner, but the man himself saying ‘Dear, don’t worry about dinner tonight. Let me cook.’ Maybe dinner, breakfast, lunch but I know such thoughtfulness would be much appreciated.

Before you start giving me reasons why men don’t do that, show me a African man who has done it and his wife taken him for granted. Put yourself in a woman’s shoes and see if you still have the same opinion.

I know it’s the little random, uncommon things that husbands do that actually make their wives appreciate them more. when a woman cooks, it is expected. When a man cooks, its impressive. Ladies, do I have a witness?

Some may say what if the man cannot cook. Well, if the willingness was there, the wife would see it and appreciate it and maybe they could cook together.

Just thinking. What do you think?



I haven’t blogged in a while. There is really no excuse for that. I pose this question to all artists out there. Whether you write, sing, paint or do any form of art, what inspires you? What do you do to get into that realm that brings out those awesome ideas? Please share.




Music is beautiful. My song for this week is ‘Overcomer’ by Mandisa. It’s not a new song but if you haven’t heard it please do.

Whatever it is you may be going through, I know He is not going to let it get the best of you.                                                  You’re an overcomer…!

If you would like to contribute to my blog, don’t hesitate to contact me- praiseebun@gmail.com. We all have stories that need to be heard.

Have an amazing week!

Ayamase Cuisine

Ifeoluwa Idowu and I met on Campus and we have been good friends ever since. Thanks to social media we have remained in contact over the years and that is just awesome. She is a fun person and she loves cooking.





Ife didn’t have a big appetite but she had a sharp nose and distinctly picked aromas of food. Later on she began to try her own recipes and she was also eager to learn from people too. Early in her days on campus, she asked a woman who ran a Calabar kitchen to teach her to prepare soups. She later began cooking and baking for free because she enjoyed it. One day, on returning home after a day of cooking, she was tired. Her business minded brother asked her why she didn’t turn her passion into a money making venture. And that was it. She later attended a catering school to broaden her scope and make it official. Hence the birth of Ayamase Cusine.



Ayamase Cuisine is a registered catering business. The name ‘Ayamase’ is derived from a deep Yoruba name for Ofada stew. ‘Aya ma se, obe ti oko kin je’ meaning a wife should not cook the soup that her husband does not like. To Ife, her customers are the husband and the catering is the wife. It means that they are out to satisfy clients by giving them what they want.

small chops

small chops

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice



Like any other business, she has encountered challenges. Power supply is not consistent and this doesn’t allow her to buy the ingredients in bulk because they need to be kept fresh. Dealing with customers also requires a lot of wisdom and patience.

Ife has offered services to customers within and outside Lagos. They also cook for clients in their homes, offer private cooking lessons and home deliveries. An important thing is that they are concerned about their customer’s health. They ask about their health status to know the quantity of spices to add to the customer’s meal.







I asked her to deliver small chops for my birthday last month. She did this at an affordable price. I was so happy to see her after some years. The snacks also tasted awesome that my office colleagues were asking for more! The packaging was great too. So I testify that she’s good at what she does.

She also had her birthday last weekend and owes me cake! Wishing you tasteful year, Ife! Keep pressing on, God is taking you to greater heights.

If you are in need of awesome and affordable catering services, you can get across to Ife by

Email- peacesetter2002@yahoo.com

Phone- 07030807054, 09095268782

BB pin- 75AFB706

She is on Facebook- Ifeoluwa Racheal Idowu

So follow your taste buds and give Ayamase a call!


Featured Image -- 307

Guess what? A Nigerian has broken the record of being the first African to own a NASCAR racing team.

Ever heard of NASCAR?

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a family owned and operated business venture that sanctions and governs multiple auto racing sports events.

NASCAR is the largest sanctioning body of stock car racing in the United States.

Under NASCAR are close to a 100 racing teams, with most team owners from USA and Canada.
The three largest racing series sanctioned by NASCAR are the Sprint Cup Series, the Xfinity Series and the Camping World Truck Series. NASCAR races are broadcast in over 150 countries.

Okay, enough of long stories. Here’s the best part: The first African-owned team, Obaika Racing has just been launched.
Guess what? This team is owned by a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Victor Obaika.

Obaika Racing would make it’s NASCAR debut on February 21st, with the first 2015 Xfinity Series Race – Alert Today Florida.

A Nigerian being the first African to own a NASCAR racing team is super cool!! It’s a really big one for Nigeria, and as Nigerians, we have to support this team as much as we can.

Let’s begin by staying tuned to the first race (Alert Today Florida) on ESPN, February 21st:
3.00pm EST
9:00pm WAT – Nigerian time 😀

If you can’t watch ESPN, you can stay updated by doing the exact thing I did —–
Like Obaika Racing’s Facebook page: Facebook
Follow Obaika Racing on Twitter: Twitter

Be inspired and be part of the begining of an new era in sports. Obaika Racing stands for possibilities and breaking barriers. Join the race!

Obaika Racing is representing us in the international world, let’s support them!

More posts coming about it soon!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Originally posted on http://xtizdiary.com/. Its a great blog with awesome posts.

Birthday Reflections…


Today, I reflect in gratitude. God has really been faithful. Each year has been filled with lessons and testimonies of God’s unfathomable love.

I went out with a couple of family members some days ago and we were to buy tickets. When we asked for the price of tickets, the man said ‘N1500 for adults.’ So my brother said, ‘Ok. That makes N4500.’ (We were three in number). The ticket person said ‘No. N4000. It’s 1500 for adults.’ We then exchanged glances. The ticket person then pointed at me and said ‘1000 for her.’  We were speechless. This young man mistook me for a teenager! And the differences in our height wasn’t so much, so I wondered why he thought that. Later that evening we all had a good laugh but I still could not understand it all. They said I should take it as a compliment. Yeah. Whatever.

But I’m still grateful for that. In my short long life, I’ve been blessed with an awesome family and fantastic friends. I’ve grown to realize that those are invaluable. Other things are just added bonuses. So I’m grateful.

I heard a new song a couple of weeks ago titled Storyteller. God’s faithfulness in our lives is a story for us to tell to draw others to Him. His saving grace, His boundless love, everything.  Every page, every chapter of our lives is part of a masterpiece that God is writing. Before I share the lyrics, here is a bit of my story.

I’m grateful that some years ago, I read a series of books by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins. The Left Behind Series. After reading, I realized I’ve been a moralist. A good girl, in a good home, behaving in a good way without a relationship with Christ. I knew the Bible but I didn’t have a relationship with the author. And there in my hostel, I asked Jesus into my life. His love shined down on me and filled my heart. It was a life changing experience and the joy of being a child of the Creator is indescribable. I’m alive today because He kept me. I’m so grateful He chose to die to ensure I live.

I can only ask that you do the same. Stop trying to fill that void with pieces that will never fit. Jesus is the only one who can make you whole.

So here are lyrics from the song. It’s titled Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols. She is a Jamie Grace’s sister. I wrote about Jamie Grace here- (https://praiseajewole.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/on-her-knees-little-review/)

You can listen to it on youtube-  youtu.be /_ZAzvxsDOUU .

I hope these lyrics cause you to reflect on Gods faithfulness.


By Morgan Harper Nichols


On a Sunday evening

 I’m looking back over all the years

 and where I’ve been

 Looking at old photographs,

I’m remembering you were right there and you have been ever since.

With every page that turns,

I see your faithfulness


The mountains that I climbed,

The valleys where I fell

You were there all along

That’s the story I’ll tell

You brought the pieces together

Made me this storyteller

Now I know it is well, it is well

That’s the story I’ll tell


There were some nights that felt like

They would last forever

But you kept me breathing

You were with me right there

And all that you have done for me

I could never hold it in

So here’s to me telling this story over and over again


You hold the broken

You hear my every cry, every cry

My eyes are open, I know that it is well

Through it all, remember God is faithful so all is well. Keep telling the story.

Thank you everyone for being a part of my life. It’s not a coincidence and I’m grateful to have met you!!

2015 To Do List…

todo list

Tola Oladimeji is an amazing person. She has inspired me for a long time even though she never knew it. She is a doctor, an avid reader and a great writer. Her dedication to following Christ is challenging and inspiring. She has a wonderful sense of humour and is quite witty.  Here is a piece of her writing I hope will inspire you to break barriers this year. The year is still a bit new. So let’s make the best of it.


Basically, I want to describe here the power of words. One of my most favourite maxims (I don’t actually know from where I picked it, but it proves true daily) is: you will remain the same after 10 years except for the people you meet and the books you read.

Sometime in December last year, I read the status update of a Facebook friend in which he wrote a personal appraisal of his 2014 by comparing the goals he set out with at the beginning of the year with his achievements at the end. It was pretty impressive and I was inspired to do something similar.

I never write New Year resolutions or goals. What I usually do at the beginning of the year is to share my hopes and dreams for the year with GOD and trust they work out. While one cannot entirely attribute my friend’s success to his writing them down- he had to work also, but there’s something to be said for writing them out too. So, I wrote out things that I want to do this New Year. They are not resolutions or goals, they are things I want to do outside work and school and family, to make 2015 more colourful than the last year. Also, I am getting married soon and I guess I want to do these before my single days are over.

Let me share some of them here, not in any particular order though:

-Read more: through the entire Old Testament of the Bible. I may have read about 150 books last year but I want to do more this year. This one, I have started on already. I read Liane Moriarty’s amazing Big Little Lies on New Year’s day. It was absolutely worth it! I’ll do a review soon.

-Exercise: sometimes when I close my eyes, I see myself digging it with the most amazing moves. So, I’m going to learn dance. Also, I want to walk more often, run and play table tennis.

-Blog: I want to be more committed to my blog too. I have some new things I want to put in to make it more interesting. As I said previously, when I am not writing, a great deal of my life passes by unnoticed.

-Travel: out of South-western Nigeria at least once every 3 months and to an African country once this year.

-Visit: prisons and prisoners’ families once a month.

-Teach: and lead YHSF (a church youth club) in a less-traditional and more engaging style.

I sincerely hope that I spend my 2015 in a blaze of colours and that reading this, you decide to do more with 2015, too.

I hope you learned a lot. You can keep up with Tola on www.toladimeji.wordpress.com

Thank you Tola!

365 Days of Fulfillment!!


Happy New Year! It’s the first week of 2015 and work has resumed. Though, everyone is recovering from the holiday hangover. I hope you all had a relaxing and refreshing holiday.

On the 25th of December, 2014, I participated in the Sandals On outreach by One Naira Moverment. It’s a gesture to reach out to those in need. The name ‘One Naira’ means helping with the little you have. You don’t need to wait till you have so much, but the little you have may as well go a long way. We went to the Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Akure. We met with the Chief Matron and she helped to identify those patients who were really ill and could not afford treatment and care. We assisted them and also talked about Jesus and prayed. It was a humbling experience that I was honoured to be part of. You can read the full report on the facebook page- OneNairaMovement. (and don’t forget to like the page)

One thing I learned, life is too short to spend it acquiring all you can for yourself. People will always be in need and if we help our neighbour, we are indirectly helping ourselves. Fulfilment is not attained in acquiring all but it’s in giving and sharing what you have. That is just plain truth.

So that’s how Christmas was spent. Coupled with the fact that I saw people who I hadn’t seed in at least 8 years. It was just awesome.

Now it’s a new year pregnant with possibilities and everyone is looking forward to a great year. Let’s be challenged to live this year outside the ordinary. We may have noticed a trend in our lives in the past, but let’s dream big(bigger, larger) this year. There is really nothing impossible to achieve. So read, travel, help and live life. Don’t settle with just existing, LIVE. Most importantly, begin the year with the giver of life. Jesus. Wishing you 365 days of the more abundant life!!