just so you know…

So if you’ve been pessimistic about coming to the Northern part of the country, there really is no need to fear. Katsina is a nice place. For me, it’s a serene change of environment. If you are an optimist and you don’t mind change and adventure once in a while, then coming to Katsina would be a learning experience. Let me drop some facts that should interest you about Katsina.

Katsina is a state in the Northern  part of Nigeria. It is bordered by Sokoto on the east, the country Niger on the North, Kano is 84 miles northwest of Katsina. Its capital is Katsina and it has 34 Local Governments. The state was carved out of Kaduna in 1987. It’s made out of Katsina and Daura emirates. Katsina is surrounded by walls which are 13 miles in length although now, these walls are in ruins.

In pre-historic times, Katsina was ruled by a semi divine ruler known as the Sarki. He directed the affairs of the people and faced a death sentence if he ruled incompetently. Katsina was under the rule of the Songhai Empre in 1513-1514.

Katsina was the commercial heart of Hausaland especially during the Sub-Saharan trade and became the largest of the seven hausa city states.  Katsina was conquered by the Fulani during the Fulani war in 1807, becoming a subsidiary to nearby Kano. In 1903, Emir Abubakar dan Ibrahim accepted British rule which lasted until Nigeria’s Independence in 1960.

Western education dates back to the early 1950’s when the first secondary school in the whole of the northern Nigeria was established. Now there are various institutions of higher learning like Umar Musa Yar’adua University.

Katsina is famous for the 18th century mosque featuring Gobarau Minaret, a fifty feet tower made from mud and palm branches.(seen below)

The weather in Katsina ranges from warm to hot early in the year and is damp and cold towards the end of the year. The climate is averagely as high as 23oC in January and as low as 21oC in January. Also as high as 28oC in July and as low as 26oC in July.

Hope you’ve learned alot.