As a believer, it takes faith and courage to be able to hold on to what you believe. In a world where everything has become acceptable, we are gradually becoming a lawless generation. The line that separates the believer from the world has practically blurred. A lot of issues which were and are still downright wrong have now become generally accepted. It’s hard to find someone with real convictions anymore.


Let’s be bold about what we believe in. We need to be fearless in pointing out the truth. In the midst of adamant and reluctant people, let’s live out the truth. Lets not be afraid to emphasize the truth in conversations that paint the wrong as acceptable. Let’s not be ashamed about being distinct. We were not meant to be in the general category. We are to be different and not to be ashamed about it.

Are you a believer? If you answered no, what are you waiting for? If you answered yes, by what principles do you live your life? If it’s not the Bible, are you sure you are a believer?

I realise that a lot of people know what is right and true but they are just afraid or ashamed to show that they believe it. Let’s be an example. I pray for more grace to be courageous about my faith. I encourage you to be bold. Be courageous about your faith. Don’t be afraid to live it out. Someone suffered, bled and died to give us life. Living boldly for Him is not an option.

Let’s also be bold in showing love and kindness to others. Life is too short to be timid and shy.

Here are lyrics of the song ‘Courageous’ by Casting Crowns. May the Lord make us courageous.

We were made to be courageous
We were made to lead the way
We could be the generation
That finally breaks the chains
We were made to be courageous
We were made to be courageous

We were warriors on the front lines
Standing, unafraid
But now we’re watchers on the sidelines
While our families slip away

Where are you, men of courage?
You were made for so much more
Let the pounding of our hearts cry
We will serve the Lord

We were made to be courageous
And we’re taking back the fight
We were made to be courageous
And it starts with us tonight

The only way we’ll ever stand
Is on our knees with lifted hands
Make us courageous
Lord, make us courageous

Have a wonderful month


Do You Remember Me? (II)


Sometime ago I wrote a story with this title. Read it here-

Here is another one. Be blessed.


This is a short message from my era to yours. I hope you remember me. I’m sure you have read about me but you never really thought much of me. I want to share an experience that I will never forget.

I’m a farmer and the season had been very favourable. I lived a very comfortable life and had a few acquaintances among the Pharisees. The Feast of the Passover was drawing near. For the past two years we had been hearing of a man of whom the people claimed had done impossible things. He had cured numerous people of various illnesses. A group of twelve men followed him. I had seen him a couple of times. I eventually had the opportunity to meet Him, though secretly. My friend Nicodemus the Pharisee had met him personally and they had discussed about being born again. I wanted to have a talk with Him too.

On that day, I asked almost the same questions that Nicodemus did. There was just something about that man. In that moment I knew that He was the Messiah. He spoke so gently and so firm. He told me that He has come to save the lost. All I needed to do was to believe. How could I remain in doubt after that experience? I believed Him.

As the Passover drew near, it made more meaning to me. This was the first Passover after meeting the Messiah. This year would be a memorable one. I could feel it in my Spirit.

One sunny afternoon my servant approached me.

“Master. Two men are here to see you. They followed me as I was coming from the well. They told me they are from the Master.” My servant said. I nodded and asked him to beckon them in.

The two men came in. “Shalom.” They greeted.

“Shalom.” I replied. I told them to have a seat. “The Master sent you?”

“Yes.” They replied

“The Master says ‘My time is at hand. I will keep the Passover at thy house with my Disciples.” One of them said.

What? I could not believe my ears. This was so wonderful. My house? What honour! I quickly led the two men to the largest room in my house. I called my servants to bring the finest cloth and mats. I had the room properly furnished.

That was the most memorable event in my life after meeting Him. He had His last Passover in my house and that was a blessing in every way. He chose my house!!

I hope you remember me now. Meeting Him and hosting him in my home, nothing can compare to that. Today, He still wants you to host Him. You can have the privilege I had. Now, it’s even better. He wants to live in your heart. Invite him in and don’t clutter the place with deeds that don’t please Him. Having the Master live in you is the best thing that can happen to you.


December to Remember…


2015 is gradually drawing to a close and the year has been eventful. It’s amazing how the years go by so quickly. When I was younger, January to December seemed so far apart. It took a long time before the year ended, at least to me it felt that way.

Let’s spend December 2015 in gratitude. The Lord has truly been faithful. He has kept me, holding my hand along the way. He has provided food, water and shelter. He has blessed me with an amazing family. Surrounded me with wonderful and encouraging friends.  Kept me in good health. Delivered me from death. Preserved my loved ones. I’m sure you can relate to these blessings. I know you believe He will still do greater things before the year runs out.

I’m just so grateful today. I’m grateful for everyone that has stopped by to read this blog. I encourage you to reflect and say Thank You to a faithful Father and Friend. God is good.

Birthday Reflections…


Today, I reflect in gratitude. God has really been faithful. Each year has been filled with lessons and testimonies of God’s unfathomable love.

I went out with a couple of family members some days ago and we were to buy tickets. When we asked for the price of tickets, the man said ‘N1500 for adults.’ So my brother said, ‘Ok. That makes N4500.’ (We were three in number). The ticket person said ‘No. N4000. It’s 1500 for adults.’ We then exchanged glances. The ticket person then pointed at me and said ‘1000 for her.’  We were speechless. This young man mistook me for a teenager! And the differences in our height wasn’t so much, so I wondered why he thought that. Later that evening we all had a good laugh but I still could not understand it all. They said I should take it as a compliment. Yeah. Whatever.

But I’m still grateful for that. In my short long life, I’ve been blessed with an awesome family and fantastic friends. I’ve grown to realize that those are invaluable. Other things are just added bonuses. So I’m grateful.

I heard a new song a couple of weeks ago titled Storyteller. God’s faithfulness in our lives is a story for us to tell to draw others to Him. His saving grace, His boundless love, everything.  Every page, every chapter of our lives is part of a masterpiece that God is writing. Before I share the lyrics, here is a bit of my story.

I’m grateful that some years ago, I read a series of books by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins. The Left Behind Series. After reading, I realized I’ve been a moralist. A good girl, in a good home, behaving in a good way without a relationship with Christ. I knew the Bible but I didn’t have a relationship with the author. And there in my hostel, I asked Jesus into my life. His love shined down on me and filled my heart. It was a life changing experience and the joy of being a child of the Creator is indescribable. I’m alive today because He kept me. I’m so grateful He chose to die to ensure I live.

I can only ask that you do the same. Stop trying to fill that void with pieces that will never fit. Jesus is the only one who can make you whole.

So here are lyrics from the song. It’s titled Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols. She is a Jamie Grace’s sister. I wrote about Jamie Grace here- (

You can listen to it on youtube- /_ZAzvxsDOUU .

I hope these lyrics cause you to reflect on Gods faithfulness.


By Morgan Harper Nichols


On a Sunday evening

 I’m looking back over all the years

 and where I’ve been

 Looking at old photographs,

I’m remembering you were right there and you have been ever since.

With every page that turns,

I see your faithfulness


The mountains that I climbed,

The valleys where I fell

You were there all along

That’s the story I’ll tell

You brought the pieces together

Made me this storyteller

Now I know it is well, it is well

That’s the story I’ll tell


There were some nights that felt like

They would last forever

But you kept me breathing

You were with me right there

And all that you have done for me

I could never hold it in

So here’s to me telling this story over and over again


You hold the broken

You hear my every cry, every cry

My eyes are open, I know that it is well

Through it all, remember God is faithful so all is well. Keep telling the story.

Thank you everyone for being a part of my life. It’s not a coincidence and I’m grateful to have met you!!

2015 To Do List…

todo list

Tola Oladimeji is an amazing person. She has inspired me for a long time even though she never knew it. She is a doctor, an avid reader and a great writer. Her dedication to following Christ is challenging and inspiring. She has a wonderful sense of humour and is quite witty.  Here is a piece of her writing I hope will inspire you to break barriers this year. The year is still a bit new. So let’s make the best of it.


Basically, I want to describe here the power of words. One of my most favourite maxims (I don’t actually know from where I picked it, but it proves true daily) is: you will remain the same after 10 years except for the people you meet and the books you read.

Sometime in December last year, I read the status update of a Facebook friend in which he wrote a personal appraisal of his 2014 by comparing the goals he set out with at the beginning of the year with his achievements at the end. It was pretty impressive and I was inspired to do something similar.

I never write New Year resolutions or goals. What I usually do at the beginning of the year is to share my hopes and dreams for the year with GOD and trust they work out. While one cannot entirely attribute my friend’s success to his writing them down- he had to work also, but there’s something to be said for writing them out too. So, I wrote out things that I want to do this New Year. They are not resolutions or goals, they are things I want to do outside work and school and family, to make 2015 more colourful than the last year. Also, I am getting married soon and I guess I want to do these before my single days are over.

Let me share some of them here, not in any particular order though:

-Read more: through the entire Old Testament of the Bible. I may have read about 150 books last year but I want to do more this year. This one, I have started on already. I read Liane Moriarty’s amazing Big Little Lies on New Year’s day. It was absolutely worth it! I’ll do a review soon.

-Exercise: sometimes when I close my eyes, I see myself digging it with the most amazing moves. So, I’m going to learn dance. Also, I want to walk more often, run and play table tennis.

-Blog: I want to be more committed to my blog too. I have some new things I want to put in to make it more interesting. As I said previously, when I am not writing, a great deal of my life passes by unnoticed.

-Travel: out of South-western Nigeria at least once every 3 months and to an African country once this year.

-Visit: prisons and prisoners’ families once a month.

-Teach: and lead YHSF (a church youth club) in a less-traditional and more engaging style.

I sincerely hope that I spend my 2015 in a blaze of colours and that reading this, you decide to do more with 2015, too.

I hope you learned a lot. You can keep up with Tola on

Thank you Tola!

Rhyme and Reason 2014… my take


On Sunday December 14, 2014 the first Rap and Spoken Word Concert was held in Lagos. It was organized by Storm Ministries in partnership with The Fresh Impressions agency of South Africa. Though I’m not a fan of Rap, but I enjoy Spoken Word a lot. (Does that sound ironical?)  The concert featured renowned P4CM’s poets- Ezekiel Azonwu and Janette…iks who are awesome poets and were my highlights of the evening. It also featured our very own poets like Titilayo and Atilola who are amazing. Lily Million who has been tagged the Tracy Chapman of South Africa was also at the concert. Featured Rap artists were Da T.R.U.T.H, Provabs, Roof Top MC’s and Kruseaphix. These rap artists were great!

The event started with a moving poem by Kruseaphix challenging us about the Christianity we signed up for. Are we only happy to be Christians when it’s easy and get fed up when the going gets tough? Are we ready to endure till the end? Titilayo presented a piece about the need for us to live together in unity, as a nation and as the body of Christ. She mentioned that people focused on themselves, always on their ‘i-phones’, ‘i-pods’, ‘i-pads’ etc. we needed new words in our dictionary like ‘us’ and ‘we’. Lily Million also sang beautifully despite of her cold. A line from her song- “Don’t let my heart resist your truth. May my heart never be separated from you” can also be a prayer. She also sang a Nigerian worship song which I’m not so familiar with and she did really well with the native pronunciation. Her final song was a message that reminded us that it’s God’s love that defines us and nothing else. Atilola presented an awesome piece and a memorable line is – Seeds are planted but never buried. So just keep trusting God in whatever situation you may be passing through.

A major highlight of the evening was Ezekiel. He is a Nigerian. And he proved it. It was awesome the way he was able to still speak with the typical Igbo accent. When he was asked to try fufu, he responded telling them that “Na my food be dat.” He tried teaching us some American slangs, saying all we had to do was not pronounce every last letter in every word.  (LOL!) His poetry was awesome. Please check @P4CM on youtube. Look for his pieces- “Almost” and “Dear Man”. I can assure you that you will be blessed and you will keep looking for more.

Janette…iks also was a highlight of the evening. She gave a dedication to her grandmother who recently went to be with the Lord. Her grandma was the one who taught her God’s word and instilled it in her from a tender age and is a big reason for her ministry. Well, Janette, I know she is extremely proud of who God has made you to be. Her pieces were also fabulous. She is also part of P4CM. Check her pieces- “31 Status”, “Hypochristian” and “I Will Wait For You.“ I don’t need to list the rest, you will look for more.

All in all, it was an awesome night. Spoken word is gradually gaining ground in Nigeria. There should be another concert next year, so you might want to come see for yourself. I enjoy poetry and when it’s inspirational causes you to reflect on your faith, then it’s amazing.

Have an inspiring week friends!



It’s no more news that a prominent minister has passed on. Dr. Myles Munroe was a renowned speaker and best-selling author. He has been used to change and influence a lot of lives world-wide. He said the best way to die is to die empty, using up all God has put in you. It’s a challenge to us to live life to the full. Pursue our passion and goals passionately. Death is a call everyone must answer.

So let’s take some time to reflect on our lives. Eternity is just a breath away. Are we prepared?  Are our live totally surrendered to the Lord? Have we lost ourselves in the daily rat-race for prosperity and fame? We can only be at peace when we are at the center of God’s will. And that starts by surrendering our all to Him.

What are we doing with that dream in our heart? Are we pursuing it? Are we living purposefully? Life is too short to live it just flowing with the crowd. We should not live like the crayfish that adapts to any situation. We should take a stand to be what we have been created to be. Reignite that fire and burn with purpose so that at the end when the flame goes out, you would have lighted up your generation and passed on the flame.