Silence on the Battlefield

It’s amazing that there can be a moment of dead silence on the battlefield  that once rang with noise. Silence that announces victory.

From the moment the stone sunk into Goliath’s forehead till he fell down flat, there must have been a unwavering silence. Especially in the camp of the Philistines. Silence in awe and unfathomable incomprehension. The silence that comes when you witness the unexpected. How could it be possible that a small boy would bring down a giant? Goliath himself would have been stunned before life left him.  I imagine the eyes of the Philistines darting from Goliath to David to themselves and back again. Their mouths would have been agape and their eyes wide with eyebrows almost reaching their hair line. Some would have gripped their swords in fear while the arms of others would have slumped numb. Some would have gasped so sharply and their minds would have gone totally blank. The sight before them was unbelievable. To the army of Israel, it was nothing more than a miracle. And at the moment when Goliath’s back touched the ground, they would have been totally frozen.Image

And the battlefield would have been so silent, you could hear David’s breath of victory.

Then you would hear the eruption of noise from Israel’s camp. That sudden piercing of the silence with noise that was pure music to those who heard it far and wide. The shout of victory.  The noise would have snapped the Philistines out of their state and immediately there would have been a retreat. A confused scramble to run for their lives.

Wow! Victory is sweet and there comes a silence before that shout of victory. A silence that ushers the victory in with the dawn of realization that the unexpected has happened. May God grant you unprecedented victory and may your enemies stand in awe and retreat into repentance because our God is ABLE!!



It’s been a while! Congratulations to the Batch ‘C’ corp members that were sworn two weeks ago. I hope you had a wonderful three weeks. I hope you’re all getting into the festive mood.
Well, my first full day in Katsina dawned bright and beautiful. We were awake before we heard the beagle being blown. Everyone scurried out the entrance. A lady in the bunk next to mine was also yet to register so we decided to stick together that morning. We gathered at the parade ground where we had our prayers. The Muslims went to the mosque. By six, the Nigerian flag was raised and we all stood at attention as a tune was blown to signify Nigeria rising. I mean rising as in waking up. That’s how we all addressed this episode of the day.
Every morning the Camp commandant would address us. There was also an instructor there who daily taught us tid bits of Hausa language. Of course it sounded strange in our ears and there were rounds of giggles and laughter. The Orientation Broadcasting Station also gave us briefings on the news daily. That morning those who had not yet registered were asked to complete their registration. Those who were already kitted were led in some exercises. I met a lady from my school and we became friends. ( We Rep OAU! GREAT IFE! )
Here are some stuff everyone at orientation camp should have heard and experienced.
We were all divided into platoons and there were 14 platoons in all.
Maami Market- it’s virtually the social area on the camp. People go there to eat, play snookers, meet friends or just feed their eyes if they can’t buy anything. The sales people were also quite friendly and things weren’t so expensive.
The soldiers- to my surprise they weren’t so strict. They were funny and quite friendly. One was nicknamed ‘face-your-face’ because that’s what he always said when he wanted you to look ahead. They addressed short corpers as ‘water bottle’. It was all hilarious.
We had seminars and workshops every day from 9 am- 2pm. It was majorly a time to sleep or talk but a number of people made the best of it and actually gained a few things.
There was also Fellowship every night. Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) and National Association of Catholic Corpers (NACC).

The highlight of orientation camp for me was volleyball! I had fun and made friends through it. I played for my platoon and we came 2nd place. I had made up my mind to have fun. I figured volleyball was what I was a little good at so I played. The inter-platoon matches were fun. We were given the cup for a night so we could take pictures. The final match was sponsored by Golden Penny Noodles. They gave us T-Shirts and Noodles.
That’s about it for now. I’ll let you know anything I think may interest you more about Camp later.
One thing I loved about the early morning parade was watching the sun rise! I actually looked forward to it. For me, I had a great time on camp. A large percentage of corpers spent the time complaining about inadequacies. But you get what you give. The major lesson I learned in camp was to be positive. No one can make you happy except yourself. It’s your choice.
“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone that much power over your life”-Mandy Hale