Life is full of challenges, its roads with numerous curves and slopes. Sometimes the road leads through a tunnel and darkness overwhelms us. Sometimes everything is bright and our joy is boundless. Life is to be lived one day at a time and there is a need to take three important things into consideration.
We need to love those around us genuinely. Just like my friend, Karen Kingsbury, who is an inspirational author said, ‘God has placed some characters in your life who may be difficult to love, but we should never give up on them.’ They are in our lives for a purpose and we need to appreciate that. Let’s cherish our families and love the seemingly unlovable. Jesus loves us. If we really belong to Him, we need to extend that love to others. Through patience and prayers we can penetrate the pitch darkness with the light of God’s love.
We need not take ourselves too seriously. Everyone needs a good laugh. We make silly mistakes and are clumsy at times. Learn from them and laugh it off. Life is too short not to live it fully, enjoying all God has blessed us with. I learned recently that laughter exercises the liver which is a vital organ. The wisdom of Solomon stands true that laughter is good medicine. Let’s enjoy what God has placed around us. The beautiful sunset, the scenery after a cleansing rain, the big beautiful moon and starlit sky, and diverse kinds of people we can touch with prayers, kindness and love. When situations seems dire, let’s laugh because though it seems over our head, it’s under God’s feet.
Let’s live for Christ. There is really nothing else worth living for. All else will fade but what we do for Christ is eternal. Give Him your life and let all you do reflect Him. Make Him your best friend and companion. He’s right there with you. All you need to do is recognize Him. Let Him be your Hero. He is the only one who can make your life beautiful. Without Christ, life is just like a dull black-and-white painting. He’s the one who adds colour. So be it in word, thought or deed, do all to the Glory of God?
Simple principles, right?



She alighted from the vehicle on shaky knees. Her mouth was agape as she took in her surroundings. Skirts and trousers rushed past her with questioning glances. They seemed to ask silent questions and her puzzled look didn’t give much of an explanation. She seemed so out of place.

With her knapsack on her back, she walked cautiously towards the building. Everyone around her looked like creamy milk and she was like a drop of hot chocolate. She was given constant glares and glances. Some stared so rudely, they stumbled and almost fell. How was she ever going to endure all those sets of eyes. No one seemed friendly enough to talk to. She raised her chin a notch higher and with her back straighter, she walked more purposefully.

While seated with others, the task before them was to exhibit their art skills. Eyes silent, heart pounding, she picked her paintbrush and tenderly dipped it in some paint. She dabbed on the easel. All were told to paint what they wished. She drew cattle grazing under the heat of the sun. The cattle rearer standing afar off. A couple blondes passed by and snickered, murmuring to themselves. Another girl with an ebony mane passes and blurts, “It doesn’t look good.”

She bites her lower lip and her eyelids hold back tears. “Guess people your colour aren’t great artists.” The girl with ebony hair said. She didn’t respond.

Their next class was an exhibition of physical fitness. They played soccer. She ran with great agility and strength. Passing and receiving passes better than her classmates. Their coach was impressed. The girl with ebony hair played poorly because she was too conscious of her hair and nails. She walked up to the girl with ebony hair and said “Hey! Guess people your colour aren’t great athletes.”

The other girl fumed and charged towards her pushing her to the ground. “Who do you think you are and how dare you talk to me like that?” There was a struggle but effortlessly She pinned the girl with ebony hair to the ground. She smiled. “Guess people your colour aren’t so strong either. We’re different, that’s obvious, but you have to accept other people’s differences. It’s pride and an oversized ego that makes people act the way you do. Get that into your head and we’ll get along better.”

The coach and other classmates had surrounded them. They were taken to the guidance office and were given detention that afternoon. Afterwards, they became best of friends. Sally eventually accepted Bola, the new Nigerian girl in her American school.