Ayamase Cuisine

Ifeoluwa Idowu and I met on Campus and we have been good friends ever since. Thanks to social media we have remained in contact over the years and that is just awesome. She is a fun person and she loves cooking.





Ife didn’t have a big appetite but she had a sharp nose and distinctly picked aromas of food. Later on she began to try her own recipes and she was also eager to learn from people too. Early in her days on campus, she asked a woman who ran a Calabar kitchen to teach her to prepare soups. She later began cooking and baking for free because she enjoyed it. One day, on returning home after a day of cooking, she was tired. Her business minded brother asked her why she didn’t turn her passion into a money making venture. And that was it. She later attended a catering school to broaden her scope and make it official. Hence the birth of Ayamase Cusine.



Ayamase Cuisine is a registered catering business. The name ‘Ayamase’ is derived from a deep Yoruba name for Ofada stew. ‘Aya ma se, obe ti oko kin je’ meaning a wife should not cook the soup that her husband does not like. To Ife, her customers are the husband and the catering is the wife. It means that they are out to satisfy clients by giving them what they want.

small chops

small chops

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice



Like any other business, she has encountered challenges. Power supply is not consistent and this doesn’t allow her to buy the ingredients in bulk because they need to be kept fresh. Dealing with customers also requires a lot of wisdom and patience.

Ife has offered services to customers within and outside Lagos. They also cook for clients in their homes, offer private cooking lessons and home deliveries. An important thing is that they are concerned about their customer’s health. They ask about their health status to know the quantity of spices to add to the customer’s meal.







I asked her to deliver small chops for my birthday last month. She did this at an affordable price. I was so happy to see her after some years. The snacks also tasted awesome that my office colleagues were asking for more! The packaging was great too. So I testify that she’s good at what she does.

She also had her birthday last weekend and owes me cake! Wishing you tasteful year, Ife! Keep pressing on, God is taking you to greater heights.

If you are in need of awesome and affordable catering services, you can get across to Ife by

Email- peacesetter2002@yahoo.com

Phone- 07030807054, 09095268782

BB pin- 75AFB706

She is on Facebook- Ifeoluwa Racheal Idowu

So follow your taste buds and give Ayamase a call!

2015 To Do List…

todo list

Tola Oladimeji is an amazing person. She has inspired me for a long time even though she never knew it. She is a doctor, an avid reader and a great writer. Her dedication to following Christ is challenging and inspiring. She has a wonderful sense of humour and is quite witty.  Here is a piece of her writing I hope will inspire you to break barriers this year. The year is still a bit new. So let’s make the best of it.


Basically, I want to describe here the power of words. One of my most favourite maxims (I don’t actually know from where I picked it, but it proves true daily) is: you will remain the same after 10 years except for the people you meet and the books you read.

Sometime in December last year, I read the status update of a Facebook friend in which he wrote a personal appraisal of his 2014 by comparing the goals he set out with at the beginning of the year with his achievements at the end. It was pretty impressive and I was inspired to do something similar.

I never write New Year resolutions or goals. What I usually do at the beginning of the year is to share my hopes and dreams for the year with GOD and trust they work out. While one cannot entirely attribute my friend’s success to his writing them down- he had to work also, but there’s something to be said for writing them out too. So, I wrote out things that I want to do this New Year. They are not resolutions or goals, they are things I want to do outside work and school and family, to make 2015 more colourful than the last year. Also, I am getting married soon and I guess I want to do these before my single days are over.

Let me share some of them here, not in any particular order though:

-Read more: through the entire Old Testament of the Bible. I may have read about 150 books last year but I want to do more this year. This one, I have started on already. I read Liane Moriarty’s amazing Big Little Lies on New Year’s day. It was absolutely worth it! I’ll do a review soon.

-Exercise: sometimes when I close my eyes, I see myself digging it with the most amazing moves. So, I’m going to learn dance. Also, I want to walk more often, run and play table tennis.

-Blog: I want to be more committed to my blog too. I have some new things I want to put in to make it more interesting. As I said previously, when I am not writing, a great deal of my life passes by unnoticed.

-Travel: out of South-western Nigeria at least once every 3 months and to an African country once this year.

-Visit: prisons and prisoners’ families once a month.

-Teach: and lead YHSF (a church youth club) in a less-traditional and more engaging style.

I sincerely hope that I spend my 2015 in a blaze of colours and that reading this, you decide to do more with 2015, too.

I hope you learned a lot. You can keep up with Tola on www.toladimeji.wordpress.com

Thank you Tola!

Lessons from a friend…


Happy new month friends! God has been totally awesome this year. May He give you testimonies as the year runs to an end. Well, this post is by a special guest. She is a Pharmacist, a great writer and a wonderful friend. She is OPEYEMI EDEMA. I hope her story inspires you this week. Enjoy.


Some years ago, I wanted to undergo a student attachment at particular organization so I walked up to the CEO and put forward my request. She told me she would not be able to pay me because she was not capable at the moment. Well, I agreed to the conditions and started work not long afterwards.

Having started, I discovered that I was not the only person on student attachment. I set my mind to work and I served like I was going to be paid. After about two months, I discovered that the other student was being paid. I felt cheated to say the least. So I decided to discuss the issue with some staff members and they told me to ask the CEO, that she should at least give me some stipend bearing the fact that I worked like every other person.

I braced up myself and walked up to her. She asked about our initial agreement and I told her but I said I thought she would at least give me something. Well, she gave me two options, that it’s either I stay and she sends the other student away and starts to count my work day from that day or I leave. Instantly my brain did a quick thinking.

Well, I caused it myself; I should not have agreed in the first instance or at least voiced my thought. How can another student be told to leave because of me? That would be grossly unfair. So I decided to leave honorably and bear the brunt. I made up my mind and told her that I would leave, thanked her for the privilege of working in her establishment and I bade farewell to the staff members. Many of them were not happy and thought I should have allowed the other person to leave.

Years later, I met one of the staff members who now had his own company. Due to the healthy working relationship we had, he willingly offered me an employment without any formality of interviews and curriculum vitae writing. He is still my present boss and does not give me stress.

Well, the main point of sharing this personal experience is to share the lessons I learned.

First, like the Yoruba folks say, “What you would not accept as a rich man; you start to reject as a poor man”. This is the most important lesson I learned from that experience. So many people accept things out of desperation and later discover that they were worth more than that. People accept jobs with terrible work conditions and low pay. People get married to wrong person out of desperation and later discover that they deserved a better person to share their lives and destinies with. So I am throwing the challenge to you to go for the best and what you truly deserve.

Secondly, I knew I was not going to be paid but I worked like every other person that was paid. It was until I heard that the other student was being paid that I started to feel cheated. We should not let money be our motivating factor at work. Like a friend put it, “purpose is what you would always love to do when everyone is paid the same amount”. That is, irrespective of your pay; whatever it is that you love to do is your purpose in life. I kind of agree.

Lastly, you never know who is watching you. Just be at your best behavior anytime. The healthy relationship I had with a co-staff is what provided me my present job. What if I was not working at my best because I was not paid? Then I must have created a wrong impression. So you may not be getting the best at your present workplace but you never know who is watching you. It may be a fellow colleague or a customer who will put in a word for you at a better place.


Friends, I hope Opeyemi inspired you this week. For more of her writing, visit her blog – www.edemaopeyemi.blogspot.com and you can also follow her on twitter @Talk2EOD. Have an awesome week!