It’s no more news that a prominent minister has passed on. Dr. Myles Munroe was a renowned speaker and best-selling author. He has been used to change and influence a lot of lives world-wide. He said the best way to die is to die empty, using up all God has put in you. It’s a challenge to us to live life to the full. Pursue our passion and goals passionately. Death is a call everyone must answer.

So let’s take some time to reflect on our lives. Eternity is just a breath away. Are we prepared?  Are our live totally surrendered to the Lord? Have we lost ourselves in the daily rat-race for prosperity and fame? We can only be at peace when we are at the center of God’s will. And that starts by surrendering our all to Him.

What are we doing with that dream in our heart? Are we pursuing it? Are we living purposefully? Life is too short to live it just flowing with the crowd. We should not live like the crayfish that adapts to any situation. We should take a stand to be what we have been created to be. Reignite that fire and burn with purpose so that at the end when the flame goes out, you would have lighted up your generation and passed on the flame.




The Earth’s surface is covered with 70% percent of water. Have you ever wondered how the water never flowed off the planet? I mean, the earth is hanging in the sky, rotating on its axis and the water still remains where it is. The earth rotates and we can’t feel it. At some point some people are actually hanging upside down on the earth in the course of its rotation. And everything is timed to perfection because if it wasn’t, there would be imbalance in nature, natural disasters and a lot of sudden deaths.

It’s all complicated for our little minds to fathom. Scientists have volumes of books that describe it as gravity and all the rest. It’s amazing because someone so great and so perfect holds this all in place. And He still knows us individually by name, provides our daily needs, takes care of all the animals, causes the sun to rise and set on time, heals the sick, takes care of the babies, knows the number of strands of hair on our individual heads, hears us we all individually speak to him, and the list of His responsibilities are endless. Wow! He has the busiest itinerary in the universe. We just worry about getting through the day, but He already has our whole life planned to detail, and He never fails. All thing still work for our good.

This is awesome. Let’s take some time to just thank God and praise Him for who He is.



Hello  Friends! These are just some pictures to pause and ponder on. I hope they remind you that our creator is a beautiful God. His love is as constant as day and night. If He could create this, He can make your life beautiful. So rest in Him, Our Beautiful, Steadfast Father.  (And yes, these pictures were taken in Nigeria)                                                                    nature nature1 nature3nature5 nature6


What if everyone wore the same clothes?


What if governors in this country were polite and loyal?

What if citizens actually obeyed rules without being forced to comply?

What if all children were quiet and gentle?

hair 4

What if all ladies had long hair?


Well, the world may be quite a sane place but it would be sooo boring. It would be so uniformed with everyone wearing the same clothes. And Ekiti state would not have such a dark cloud over them now if the governor was polite amidst other necessary traits. Lagos may have been a little less noisy (that would be a miracle) if they had adhered to the ‘No Horn Day’. (Kudos to those who adhered).  I think if there was stable power, there would be no need for the constant irritating noise of generators. Variety is the spice of life. There will always be a mix of roses and thorns. If all the ladies had long hair… well I know the sales on hair extensions would be at a minimal. And how boring this world would be without the constant whining and wailing of little children. Really, variety is the spice of life.


Today, everything may seem perfectly out of place compared to the perfect picture we have in our minds. There will always be unanswered questions as to why many things happen. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why should a 1 year old child have to battle cancer? Why should such a great person have to battle infertility? Why the struggle with unemployment? Why does this little child have to beg for money from strangers everyday just to have a little to eat?

Today, as you move around in this imperfect world, try not to inhibit any bitterness as to why things are the way they are. Every cloud has a silver lining. When someone annoys you, smile. When you meet situations that drain you of hope, take a breath and smile. You know why? Because you are capable of facing each challenge.


In the end, all will be well. If it isn’t, it’s not the end. Well, our creator never promised life would be easy, but He promised to be with us through it all. That is more than enough comfort. I hope you take a dose of it.

So, take a breath, smile. If you can still do that, nothing is impossible!

For my female friends… some hair talk.

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