My Finale… A Tribute

If you’re surrounded by great friends, take a moment and be thankful for them.
It’s a blessing to be surrounded by people who are just like family. They aren’t usually many. As you know, there are three categories of friends. Some friends are like leaves. They are in our lives for a while and after a period of time, they fall off. Some friends are like branches. They may reach out and stay for a longer period. Eventually they also fall of. Let them go. The last category of friends are like roots. They stay through most of your life. They are the ones that make lasting impact even though you may have met them later in life. They add nutrients of joy and companionship throughout your life. You shouldn’t joke with such friends.
Well, in the past year, I’ve been blessed by great friends. More like sisters and brothers because it still feels like we are siblings in one wonderful family. ‘Siblings’ with a heart for God, who inspire me to persevere and be more dedicated. ‘Siblings’ who depicted their names being peaceful and joyful. Esther Ola and Peace Adeola Akintayo- I’m grateful for the opportunity to have you as sisters. Getting to know you has been a great blessing. Esther’s hospitality and Peace’s peaceful attitude taught me alot. Deborah Asekome, my co- artiste. (we composed great songs, I hope you get to hear some soon) You’re dedication is an inspiration. Mary Okans, you’re the silent worker, so capable of alot of things. Joy Anjorin, you depict your name. You carry so much joy with you, its infectious. Together, the five of us are the Virtuous Jewels. Tayoyi is our Headquarters. Ibukun Abodunrin and Lydia Pitman were our ‘parents’. The VJ5 would bear me witness that we learned alot of motherly qualities from them.
We have great brothers. Samuel Adegbusi, our talented and hardworking musician and computer guru. Harrison Emeka, who would mix humour and wisdom. Tony Chris, who tried to help us understand Hasua and also enjoy kunu. David Joseph John, who enjoyed mathematics and connecting cables so much you would want to do so too. Barnabas Akerele and Steven Oluwaseyi, our present day Paul and Silas, partners on the mission field . These brothers had a heart for God which was inspiring. Faith Omakuro and Appraise were also wonderful. Our ‘siblings’ who were in Katsina before us but still keep in touch long after. Its rare.
The mutual bond we shared was that we were children of the heavenly father. Such wonderful people. Such unforgettable memories. May we keep shinning for Him.
Well, I’m grateful.
To DLCF KATSINA Corpers, It been a blessing knowing you. Tayoyi remains our unforgettable abode. God bless you.Image

Have You Ever Wondered…

Have you ever thought about how potent the blood of Jesus is? I wonder what the lab scientists would discover as the content of His blood.
Red blood cells primarily carry oxygen from the lungs to every cell in the body. Its composed of hemoglobin which captures oxygen molecule as the blood moves through the lungs. No wonder we have eternal life in Christ because of the shedding of His blood. What category would his blood have been. His blood is not selective, its free for all. A universal donor.
The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. It washes every stain. No matter how deep the fabric of your life may have been stained, His blood will cleanse it. No ordinary blood could do that. When a piece of cloth is stained with oil, grease or whatever, bleach is used to remove the stain. No bleach can remove the stain of sin. No bleach can cleanse you totally and completely. Imagine blood stronger than bleach!
As believer’s, we should be proud to know that we share DNA with our creator. That is so awesome. Blood immune to sickness, blood with life inexhaustible. That’s why when we meet a true believer for the first time, we feel as though we have met somewhere before. There is this unseen bond. Well, blood is thicker than water.
The blood of Jesus is powerful. Accept the sacrifice of Christ shedding His blood and be saved.Image

Pay It Forward

So, we’ve all heard ‘one good turn deserves another’. It’s quite natural to do good to someone who has helped you or done a favour. It takes whole lot more to do good to someone who dislikes you or has done you wrong. Then it feels like, ‘an eye for an eye’.
Well, why not let’s have ‘kindness ripples’. Let’s pay it forward instead of paying it back. When someone does you good, do a good deed for someone else, instead of trying to pay the person back. This world needs more kindness. Our random acts can make a difference.
Happenings in the nation stir up alot of questions. Blames are laid, criticisms are hammered out. The fact that so much evil is being perpetrated isn’t an excuse to hold back on doing good. The deaths and missing children are so saddening. Let’s keep our nation in prayers. It’s one act of kindness.