On Her Knees… (little review)

Roberts Liardon  introduces the reader to the woman who influenced his tenacity in ministry. ‘Gram’ as she is fondly called by everyone is a passionate and affectionate woman. Her life and ministry is portrayed in this book. Her life of persistent prayer is an example for everyone especially women to inculcate. Mrs. Gladolyne encountered Christ and served him with such passion and devotion. Her heart was sold out to God and she communed with Him constantly in prayer. Gram had a habit of prayer and she could go on praying for days. She allowed nothing to distract her. She prayed every time, everywhere.

The book is an inspiring one. It’s no surprise her grandson saw heaven at age eight ( See Roberts book- I Saw Heaven). We also learn about the importance of obedience. Obedience to God’s leading, obedience to His calling. Roberts tells various stories of how Gram handled various situations. Also how she cared and loved those around her. The language is easy to understand. If you’ve read any other book by Roberts (God’s Generals etc.) you will appreciate the way he unfolds Grams story and you will feel like you really know her. We are again reminded of the endless blessings we can unlock through prayers. So get yourself a copy.
In case you didn’t know who Jamie Grace is, let me tell you. She is a gospel artiste with a passionate heart for God that reflects in her songs and in her smile. She released an album early this year and the songs are inspiring. Songs like ‘Beautiful Day’ help you remember to smile because God has something new for each day. No matter what we are passing through, it’s a beautiful day everyday. The song ‘The Waiting’ teaches us to continually depend on God through any situation. Whatever the ‘waiting period’ we may be passing through, God is with us reminding us that we are not alone. The track ‘Little ol’ me reflects Jamie’s heart as well as encourages us to look back and see what God has brought us through. God loves us so much and is writing the story of our life. Even though we can’t see or understand the plans He has for us, we are safe in His hands because he is in control.
What I personally love about her music is the heart behind it. Her heart is reflected in every pitch, every rhythm, every word, and it’s inspiring. Looking at all she has been through and how she has learned to trust God no matter what, is a message to all young people. There may be times where we will come across some life altering challenges, and our faith may not be worth it. Jamie Grace is an example of someone who has learned to trust God and it shows.
So, take a minute, listen to a song, read a book. Live Life.MV5BMTc2NjM2NDk2N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDkyNDc3OA@@._V1_SX640_SY720_

Do you trust me?

For a while now, I’ve been dealing with the issue of trust. It’s so difficult to trust another person because of the generalization that no one is trustworthy. But then, shouldn’t you give a person the benefit of doubt that maybe, just maybe they are trustworthy. Well, it hurts when tables turn and you are not trusted. Not because you have failed at being trustworthy but because no one trusts you, period. I mean, is that even fair?
I know, I know, don’t put your trust in man but trust God. But ask yourself if you wanted to be labeled untrustworthy from the onset. Then you have to go through the phase of proving yourself trustworthy. What if the only proofs you have are your words and sincerity? Will it matter?
I think the world has been polluted with a lot of distrust, it’s sad. I mean, it’s hard to do well to others because your good intentions may be inhumanly rewarded. E.g. Jesus Christ did well and he was crucified for it. But how about in the case of friends, family or our everyday relationships? People we hold dear and love. I’m sure we all feel bad when we are being honest and sincere in every way we can, yet we are not trusted. It’s painful. Seeing that look of distrust in the other person’s eye.

I guess we just trust our instinct to tell us who to trust, but even sometimes that is disappointing. So we trust God. He’s the dependable one. Our trust in Him leads us to make right decisions and relate well with everyone. And not dwell on the hurt when we are disappointed by someone’s action or reaction. We trust God.
We trust God so we don’t harbor bitterness against the governments’ shortcomings when we ought to trust them concerning various issues, like the school girls who haven’t returned home. Because problems are addressed jointly, in unity and when disunity runs the nation, it’s more complicated.
We trust God when we are distrusted by family or friends and it hurts so much, the pain is constantly raw, not healing. Is this how your love is reciprocated? You tend to wonder the basis of such relationships from the onset. Is it just some form of common ground or just DNA?
We trust God when trusting doesn’t seem worth it, but it’s all we can do. It’s all we need to do. We trust God.
I’m learning and I know you are too. We are all in this “Trust-versity”. So whether you have strength to look ahead or you just don’t know what to do, keep trusting. Let’s keep trusting. Trusting God.