Fathers Day


I love my dad. I am a typical Daddy’s girl. I don’t want to use all the cliché adjectives because my Dad is all that and more, but let me just give a couple of things I love about our father-daughter relationship.

When I was growing up, I loved going to welcome my dad when he came from work. His suit always felt cool on my face as he would sometimes carry me up and put me back down. I would then carry his suitcase to his room. When I went to secondary school, and then the university, I always looked forward to ‘welcome hugs’ when I got back home. I still do today. I have not gotten tired of it. Always comforting and it just simply felt like home.dad_chalkboard_art_sons_hero_daughter_first_love_plaque-r51d39c1d7fd54f6d859fc86e04bb47da_ar56b_8byvr_324

In my teenage years, during the holidays, I began to appreciate conversations with my dad. I especially enjoyed conversations we had on trips and at night when coming back from church. He was just easy to talk to. Till today, I love the fact that I can call my Dad and just talk.

I thank God because my relationship with my Dad has helped me understand how God Fathers us all. God is always there with arms wide open and He is just easy to talk to. He is ready to listen to us. Father’s Day is a day to honour fathers but let us not forget we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and deserves our honour.

So thank you Dad, for the warm hugs and your sage words of advice. I love you!



It’s been a while and it feels great to put up another post. Life has rolled on with lessons and blessings.



This time two years ago, I was at the Corpers’ lodge in Katsina State. I couldn’t go to work because I had a minor accident with a motorcycle. The bike handle caught on to a tricycle on the road and we toppled onto the road. I’m so glad it was not worse. I had a wound from my knee almost to my ankle and a little scratch on my arm. I’m grateful there was no broken bone. The recovery time was painful but God healed me. I was going through my journal some nights ago looking for a birthday I noted, when I stumbled across it. I’m glad that today it’s a testimony and I’m grateful for those who were there for me at that time.

Random Conversation

I had a discussion with a number of people over the past few weeks about the issue of cooking. I posed that it would be nice and appreciated if the husband volunteered to cook a meal for once. He could tell his wife not to bother about preparing a particular meal, that he would cook. Of course all the males I spoke with said that the woman would take it for granted and ask him to cook some other time. I reaffirm that she will not take it for granted. Why not try it first.

Well, everyone knows that typically, women do the cooking. I do not dispute that. There is a feeling of motherliness that comes with cooking a meal for your family. But I know most women agree that there are some times that you are too exhausted to cook or you just don’t feel like cooking. There are times you don’t even know what to cook. Any woman would appreciate her husband cooking a meal voluntarily occasionally.  I am not saying the wife should ask the man to help her prepare dinner, but the man himself saying ‘Dear, don’t worry about dinner tonight. Let me cook.’ Maybe dinner, breakfast, lunch but I know such thoughtfulness would be much appreciated.

Before you start giving me reasons why men don’t do that, show me a African man who has done it and his wife taken him for granted. Put yourself in a woman’s shoes and see if you still have the same opinion.

I know it’s the little random, uncommon things that husbands do that actually make their wives appreciate them more. when a woman cooks, it is expected. When a man cooks, its impressive. Ladies, do I have a witness?

Some may say what if the man cannot cook. Well, if the willingness was there, the wife would see it and appreciate it and maybe they could cook together.

Just thinking. What do you think?



I haven’t blogged in a while. There is really no excuse for that. I pose this question to all artists out there. Whether you write, sing, paint or do any form of art, what inspires you? What do you do to get into that realm that brings out those awesome ideas? Please share.




Music is beautiful. My song for this week is ‘Overcomer’ by Mandisa. It’s not a new song but if you haven’t heard it please do.

Whatever it is you may be going through, I know He is not going to let it get the best of you.                                                  You’re an overcomer…!

If you would like to contribute to my blog, don’t hesitate to contact me- praiseebun@gmail.com. We all have stories that need to be heard.

Have an amazing week!