A Note from Me to You.


Hello there. You are probably reading this in another generation. If you’re wondering who I am, I’ll let you know in a bit, but I’m sure you have heard a lot about me. This is just a note from me to you about two things that helped me when I was just like you.

When I’m faced with a decision to make or a task to carry out, I simply look up and ask. I was so prone to ask Him for guidance. I love the Lord ALOT and worshiping Him is my soul food.  It was like walking on unsteady feet if I didn’t ask the Lord. Every step, every action I had to ask Him. It’s so refreshing to know that He never retorted, “Son, you sure do ask a lot of questions!” He just answers in the most indescribably loving way. I’m not perfect and I’ve made mistakes. There were times when I disobeyed and other times when I did wrong. I returned to Him in humility and repentance and He forgave me.

So it’s a new day. Here’s a tip from someone whose actions have served for lessons over centuries. You may be faced with challenges right now, or tough decisions that can alter a lot of things. Just ask Him. He will answer. Don’t be too rigid about how the response will come because God is dynamic yet constant. Just trust and take one step at a time. You may feel you’re not hearing Him or seeing the light. Just check again. Most times we feel we don’t hear because we are not hearing what we want.

After asking, just worship. Make it your soul food. Thank Him for EVERYTHING. Life is too short not to live it in gratitude. Focus on today, be happy and trust the Lord to write the story of your life. Trust me, He’s at the top of the list of bestselling authors.

So who am I? Well, at 17, I was used to kill a giant. I say that with all humility and I say ‘used’ because it was a miracle. I mean, you too believe that the feat wasn’t my power. My name has been found in word circles of ‘praise’ and ‘kingdoms’. Oh, I sing too. A LOT.  Yes, I’m David. The little shepherd boy, who became King. It’s good to know you still remember me.

So take my advice. Ask, Trust and Praise.

May you be a wonder in your generation.


Pay It Forward

So, we’ve all heard ‘one good turn deserves another’. It’s quite natural to do good to someone who has helped you or done a favour. It takes whole lot more to do good to someone who dislikes you or has done you wrong. Then it feels like, ‘an eye for an eye’.
Well, why not let’s have ‘kindness ripples’. Let’s pay it forward instead of paying it back. When someone does you good, do a good deed for someone else, instead of trying to pay the person back. This world needs more kindness. Our random acts can make a difference.
Happenings in the nation stir up alot of questions. Blames are laid, criticisms are hammered out. The fact that so much evil is being perpetrated isn’t an excuse to hold back on doing good. The deaths and missing children are so saddening. Let’s keep our nation in prayers. It’s one act of kindness.



Silence on the Battlefield

It’s amazing that there can be a moment of dead silence on the battlefield  that once rang with noise. Silence that announces victory.

From the moment the stone sunk into Goliath’s forehead till he fell down flat, there must have been a unwavering silence. Especially in the camp of the Philistines. Silence in awe and unfathomable incomprehension. The silence that comes when you witness the unexpected. How could it be possible that a small boy would bring down a giant? Goliath himself would have been stunned before life left him.  I imagine the eyes of the Philistines darting from Goliath to David to themselves and back again. Their mouths would have been agape and their eyes wide with eyebrows almost reaching their hair line. Some would have gripped their swords in fear while the arms of others would have slumped numb. Some would have gasped so sharply and their minds would have gone totally blank. The sight before them was unbelievable. To the army of Israel, it was nothing more than a miracle. And at the moment when Goliath’s back touched the ground, they would have been totally frozen.Image

And the battlefield would have been so silent, you could hear David’s breath of victory.

Then you would hear the eruption of noise from Israel’s camp. That sudden piercing of the silence with noise that was pure music to those who heard it far and wide. The shout of victory.  The noise would have snapped the Philistines out of their state and immediately there would have been a retreat. A confused scramble to run for their lives.

Wow! Victory is sweet and there comes a silence before that shout of victory. A silence that ushers the victory in with the dawn of realization that the unexpected has happened. May God grant you unprecedented victory and may your enemies stand in awe and retreat into repentance because our God is ABLE!!