Hello  Friends! These are just some pictures to pause and ponder on. I hope they remind you that our creator is a beautiful God. His love is as constant as day and night. If He could create this, He can make your life beautiful. So rest in Him, Our Beautiful, Steadfast Father.  (And yes, these pictures were taken in Nigeria)                                                                    nature nature1 nature3nature5 nature6


Contagious Celebrity?!!

Like we hear updates about celebrities everyday, our ears are continually being updated on the havoc Ebola is causing. Its terrible how heartlessly the epidemic has left many mourning and many more in fear. We have all been warned to take precautions to contain it. Nigeria has even been declared “Ebola free”. (I wish we could be declared corruption free or poverty free or…) It’s heart-breaking to see patients so helpless and see loved ones so lost as they watch the corpse of deceased being taken away. Liberia is weary and weighed down with the stench of death. Ebola has walked in and has become a celebrity still struggling to stay in the spotlight.

We can learn a lot from this contagious celebrity. We can be contagious. Contagious in carrying the virus of faith and selflessness. Let’s infect people with a smile, an act of kindness, a word of hope and faith. Think about it. If Ebola was hope or faith or prosperity, would it be quarantined? Well, sorry to say, it might still be quarantined in Nigeria by the greedy ones. But if we could do a good deed with no desire for anything in return, wouldn’t that make a difference?contagious-291x300

Speak a positive word. Spend without thinking of yourself. I challenge you (and myself as well) to consciously do something for someone. Pay the bus fare for the stranger next to you. Help that little child or aged person cross the street. Buy something for your usual meat/chicken/fish customer or whatever person you constantly buy from. Call an old friend. Do something nice for the person who hurt you. Let’s do something contagious and spread kindness, just like our heavenly father.

Have a great week!


What if everyone wore the same clothes?


What if governors in this country were polite and loyal?

What if citizens actually obeyed rules without being forced to comply?

What if all children were quiet and gentle?

hair 4

What if all ladies had long hair?


Well, the world may be quite a sane place but it would be sooo boring. It would be so uniformed with everyone wearing the same clothes. And Ekiti state would not have such a dark cloud over them now if the governor was polite amidst other necessary traits. Lagos may have been a little less noisy (that would be a miracle) if they had adhered to the ‘No Horn Day’. (Kudos to those who adhered).  I think if there was stable power, there would be no need for the constant irritating noise of generators. Variety is the spice of life. There will always be a mix of roses and thorns. If all the ladies had long hair… well I know the sales on hair extensions would be at a minimal. And how boring this world would be without the constant whining and wailing of little children. Really, variety is the spice of life.


Today, everything may seem perfectly out of place compared to the perfect picture we have in our minds. There will always be unanswered questions as to why many things happen. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why should a 1 year old child have to battle cancer? Why should such a great person have to battle infertility? Why the struggle with unemployment? Why does this little child have to beg for money from strangers everyday just to have a little to eat?

Today, as you move around in this imperfect world, try not to inhibit any bitterness as to why things are the way they are. Every cloud has a silver lining. When someone annoys you, smile. When you meet situations that drain you of hope, take a breath and smile. You know why? Because you are capable of facing each challenge.


In the end, all will be well. If it isn’t, it’s not the end. Well, our creator never promised life would be easy, but He promised to be with us through it all. That is more than enough comfort. I hope you take a dose of it.

So, take a breath, smile. If you can still do that, nothing is impossible!

For my female friends… some hair talk.

Team Natural!

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Just thought to share this…


Kids are an amazing category of human beings. We should learn from them.

Some days ago, at a mid-week service, a little girl, no more than 5 years of age kept looking at me. I didn’t know her. Initially, I overlooked it but after a while it became uncomfortable, unnoticeable and quite annoying. This girl would practically stretch her neck out a look at me from the adjacent row, then draw her head in again I eventually stared at her really hard and she recoiled back into her seat. Satisfied, I faced front. After a while she continued. This time even a hard stare wasn’t enough. It was annoying because I didn’t know what as amusing her. After the service, as I was leaving the church, this little girl runs up to me and waves and says “Aunty, Goodnight!” with a cheerful infectious smile. I just look at her and smiled back saying goodnight as well. That greeting totally made my night. I don’t know why she was staring at me throughout the whole service but despite my trying to discourage her stares, she still came to me and waved a memorable goodnight to me.

Adults would have snobbed each other but there is something about the innocence of children.

What I learned from that little girl was life is too short for unnecessary frowns. A smile and a greeting can work wonders. This little girl still came and greeted me at subsequent services and eventually told me her name. She is a new friend.


Thoughts and Inspiration…


Funny how a simple question can cause you to pause and ponder. It causes you to think again.

Tola (real name withheld) was having problems with her laptop at work so she complained to the IT person. The first thing he asked Tola was “Have you prayed on it? Tola looked at him with a questioning look on her face. “Prayed on it?” she asked. “Yes,” he replied “or do you think prayer can’t solve the problem with your laptop?”

She was speechless for a couple of seconds before she replied that she hadn’t prayed. He shook his head and relied “pity.”

What a reminder for us to commit everything into God’s hands! The IT person was right even though it sounds awkward. Nothing is too small to commit into God’s hands. Even those things that seem irrelevant. God is in control of ALL.

So friends let’s always remember that.


Well, a couple of people are celebrating their birthday’s today. They have inspired me at one point even though they may not know it.

Shout out to Tosin Akinyemi. We went to the same secondary school (Up CRISSA!). I just knew him by name. I simply loved his younger sister who was quite close to me when she resumed JSS 1. She is a great girl. Anyway, He is a wonderful writer (new blog post soon please, Tosin) a barrister by profession and the humble founder of One Naira Movement ( or ‘like’ on Facebook!). It’s an NGO that basically adds value to the lives of those who aren’t as privileged. Through this means, they also share the gospel. He has a big caring heart. The first time I heard about this NGO, I was inspired. You really don’t have to be a millionaire before you can help someone. So Happy Birthday Tosin!

Also a good friend from NYSC, David Joseph John who is just so comfortable with wires and cables. He enjoys connecting cables and teaching mathematics, and he does his work with so much passion, it’s inspiring. Friends, you really need to discover what you love doing and go for it. Live your dream. Anyway, David hardly says five sentences without using vocabulary in electricity and electronics. He is a great engineer by profession and gifted teacher.  So Happy birthday David!

Most of all they both love God. Wishing you a spectacular year friends! May God enlarge your coast and may you never disconnect from grace. God bless you. Have a fabulous birthday. And with this, you know you owe me cake!


Also Happy Independence fellow Nigerians! Let’s keep praying for, and speaking positively into our nation!!