God Created No Junks!

This is a guest post by my awesome brother. He is calm but so intelligent and funny.  I was thrilled when he agreed to write! He is Temitope Fatunsin. I hope you are inspired by his piece.


The hours had given birth to days,the days had caked into weeks,the weeks had transformed into a month.I felt so blue with loneliness and I pondered on the various people I had met through the years. Sometimes you can be surrounded by people and feel so alone. Diverse and interesting, I classified them into various fruits…


Some people are like the Coconut. They are hard to be understood but soft and sweet within. Patience will lead the way inside such individuals.

Some are like the Banana,they may be unpredictable but with time, you will find them easy to be associated with.Tolerance will win their hearts.

Some are like the Orange.  They can be sour and irritating at times but the juice of delight lies within them. Unfeigned love will draw them out.

Some could be likened to the Cucumber which though not attractive on the outside but inside you would find out they are full of inestimable values. Only persistence will make you see this.


Patience  and understanding is key to unlock the treasures embedded in every person you come across. Prov 16:22 ‘understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it…’

God created no junks.

People are precious. Their diversity adds spice to life. People are in your life in this season for a reason. Try to seek the good in them. Everyone has at least one cell of uniqueness in them that they can share with the world. It’s what makes them special. Help them see it.

Beloved, endeavor to be patient and understand your spouse, children,  colleagues and others that have been placed in your life. Peace and unity cannot be kept by force but by understanding.


Remember that ‘a cheerful heart does good like a medicine’…selah

Eat healthy!!

Any other fruits you can liken people to? Lets hear it!

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