365 Days of Fulfillment!!


Happy New Year! It’s the first week of 2015 and work has resumed. Though, everyone is recovering from the holiday hangover. I hope you all had a relaxing and refreshing holiday.

On the 25th of December, 2014, I participated in the Sandals On outreach by One Naira Moverment. It’s a gesture to reach out to those in need. The name ‘One Naira’ means helping with the little you have. You don’t need to wait till you have so much, but the little you have may as well go a long way. We went to the Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Akure. We met with the Chief Matron and she helped to identify those patients who were really ill and could not afford treatment and care. We assisted them and also talked about Jesus and prayed. It was a humbling experience that I was honoured to be part of. You can read the full report on the facebook page- OneNairaMovement. (and don’t forget to like the page)

One thing I learned, life is too short to spend it acquiring all you can for yourself. People will always be in need and if we help our neighbour, we are indirectly helping ourselves. Fulfilment is not attained in acquiring all but it’s in giving and sharing what you have. That is just plain truth.

So that’s how Christmas was spent. Coupled with the fact that I saw people who I hadn’t seed in at least 8 years. It was just awesome.

Now it’s a new year pregnant with possibilities and everyone is looking forward to a great year. Let’s be challenged to live this year outside the ordinary. We may have noticed a trend in our lives in the past, but let’s dream big(bigger, larger) this year. There is really nothing impossible to achieve. So read, travel, help and live life. Don’t settle with just existing, LIVE. Most importantly, begin the year with the giver of life. Jesus. Wishing you 365 days of the more abundant life!!