As a believer, it takes faith and courage to be able to hold on to what you believe. In a world where everything has become acceptable, we are gradually becoming a lawless generation. The line that separates the believer from the world has practically blurred. A lot of issues which were and are still downright wrong have now become generally accepted. It’s hard to find someone with real convictions anymore.


Let’s be bold about what we believe in. We need to be fearless in pointing out the truth. In the midst of adamant and reluctant people, let’s live out the truth. Lets not be afraid to emphasize the truth in conversations that paint the wrong as acceptable. Let’s not be ashamed about being distinct. We were not meant to be in the general category. We are to be different and not to be ashamed about it.

Are you a believer? If you answered no, what are you waiting for? If you answered yes, by what principles do you live your life? If it’s not the Bible, are you sure you are a believer?

I realise that a lot of people know what is right and true but they are just afraid or ashamed to show that they believe it. Let’s be an example. I pray for more grace to be courageous about my faith. I encourage you to be bold. Be courageous about your faith. Don’t be afraid to live it out. Someone suffered, bled and died to give us life. Living boldly for Him is not an option.

Let’s also be bold in showing love and kindness to others. Life is too short to be timid and shy.

Here are lyrics of the song ‘Courageous’ by Casting Crowns. May the Lord make us courageous.

We were made to be courageous
We were made to lead the way
We could be the generation
That finally breaks the chains
We were made to be courageous
We were made to be courageous

We were warriors on the front lines
Standing, unafraid
But now we’re watchers on the sidelines
While our families slip away

Where are you, men of courage?
You were made for so much more
Let the pounding of our hearts cry
We will serve the Lord

We were made to be courageous
And we’re taking back the fight
We were made to be courageous
And it starts with us tonight

The only way we’ll ever stand
Is on our knees with lifted hands
Make us courageous
Lord, make us courageous

Have a wonderful month